Past Opportunites

Machine learning for social good in environment: Developing an advanced warning system for predicting extreme weather events

Floods, the most prevalent of natural disasters, impact over 250 million people annually, leading to economic damages of approximately $10 billion. Our project aims to address this pressing issue by developing an advanced warning system that leverages multi-modality generative machine learning. By investigating the potential of extreme weather events, particularly flooding, and integrating valuable data on green, grey, and blue infrastructure, we strive…

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Machine Learning for Social Good in Health: Automated Machine Learning for early prediction of acute pancreatitis severity

Acute pancreatitis is a complex condition with varying degrees of severity, and accurate prediction plays a crucial role in guiding timely interventions and improving patient outcomes. Our project focuses on developing an automated machine learning system capable of predicting the severity of acute pancreatitis at an early stage. Early identification of severe cases can lead to timely interventions and improved patient management. Previous approaches…

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Machine Learning for social good in a New Zealand: Current and future

This project aims to explore, compare, contrast and design engagement approaches for transdisciplinary social good projects specifically tailored to the unique context of New Zealand. This project offers a valuable opportunity to delve into the field of ML for Social Good, culminating in a comprehensive study on current and future approaches for utilizing machine learning to address societal challenges. Our project focuses on examining how machine…

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