Applications to the 2023 projects are currently closed


Call for Application: Projects for Social Good

Are you a non-profit, government agency, or social enterprise seeking to leverage data science to solve critical challenges and make a positive impact on society? If so, we invite you to submit a project proposal to our program.

Our program aims to connect organizations with ML researchers and students who are passionate about applying their skills to real-world problems. The program provides an opportunity for project partners to receive data science support and technical mentorship from experienced researchers and graduate students.

To apply, please submit a brief project proposal that includes the following information:


A description of the problem you seek to solve and the impact it has on society.


The data you have or plan to collect, and how it will be used to solve the problem


Your organization’s capacity and experience with machine learning.


The expected outcomes of the project, and how they will be measured.

Our team will review all submissions and select project partners to participate in the program. If your proposal is selected, you will be paired with a team of ML researchers and students who will work with you to develop and implement a ML-driven solution to your problem.

We welcome project proposals from organizations of all sizes and from diverse sectors, including healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, and social justice. Our goal is to support projects that have the potential to make a meaningful impact on society.