Reports Archive

National Hui (2023)

General Outcome: The Hui brought together over thirty people from industry, research spaces, local council, government and the community. Attendees specialised in domains with meaningful social impact, including environmental, health and social issues. Hybrid attendance allowed people to join from various parts of New Zealand. This wide range of voices provided diverse insight on use of ML, and more broadly data, in solving social issues. The Hui generated good quality conversations regarding topics including data governance, ways of working and effective collaboration. Conversations did not reach the topic of governing principles, which are still to be established. Click here for the full report.

Half-Year Report (2023)

Summary: The Machine Learning for Social Good Centre at the University of Auckland has achieved significant milestones during the first half of the year. We have successfully launched the centre, established key teams, launched a website for visibility and collaboration, and organized a highly productive National Hui. This report provides an overview of these achievements and outlines the center’s progress toward its objectives. Click here for the full report.